Mathews Avail Review

This Saturday we setup a Mathews Avail for local junior shooter Elise Faul. Elise is a really good shooter, however with her 24" draw length and small build getting bows that fit her, and yet are both not too heavy and also suitable for her skills is actually really difficult.
For example at a matchplay shoot we did in January at the club Elise smashed through a number of adult shooters dropping just 5 points in 10 ends. Yet if you look at most of the bows on the market they are either dual cam kids bows (Like the Hoyt Ruckus) or weight well over 4lb.
Elise's current bow was a Hoyt Vicxen, which she liked, however was still slightly too big (we had removed every bit of weight we could and is about 33" ATA)

So here was the requirements
Bow to suit high performing archer, all high end components
Must be as light as possible
Needs to be around 24" draw and 30-40lb range
Must be easy to draw
Needs to look nice

We nailed it down to the small bow offerings here
Mathews Avail
Hoyt Prevail FX
Hoyt Pro Defiant
Prime Centergy Air
Elite Emerge
Prime V2 36

The first two to get knocked off the list were the Prime 36 and Prevail FX. At 35-36" ATA they are just too big for her. (Elise's older sister uses a Prime 36). Ironically these two went below 24" in draw but were the biggest. Also at $2k+ in price they were expensive.
Mathews Avail
Hoyt Prevail FX
Hoyt Pro Defiant
Prime Centergy Air
Elite Emerge
​​​​​​​Prime V2 36​​​​​​​

The rest we discarded as they start at 24" and weight over 4lb.
Mathews Avail
​​​​​​​Hoyt Prevail FX​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Hoyt Pro Defiant​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Prime Centergy Air​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Elite Emerge​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Prime V2 36​​​​​​​

All great short draw bows, for someone just a little bit bigger. (Elise is 14 but one of the smallest in her year level)

So the Avail won out with the Centergy coming in second as it looks fantastic in the Electro Teal.

The Avail has all the features needed.
The cam system is essentially the same as on the TRG bow. So easy to draw and easy to tune.
The Riser is a smaller version of the Halon X
​​​​​​​Machined riser and parts
Features a lower stabiliser mount (which the Pro Defiant doesn't)
Weighs in at 3.96lb and 30" ATA
Draw goes down to 22" so we are not at the minimum with it. Maxes at 28".
Fast! If stretched out to 30in draw would be a 340fps bow.

On setting it up we put it at 35lb compared to the 30lb Elise was shooting. She had no problems drawing it and liked the draw cycle.
The wall is firm and perfect for the hinge shooting she does.
Setup was incredibly easy. We bolted everything on and kept all her arrows in the X at 24m through the shooting machine. Elise then took to 50m and was keeping them in the gold on an 80cm face.

Mathews also do a bow call the Stoke which is even a little smaller and built to the same standard.

If you are after a high performing bow for a shorter draw archer give these a look. Control and comfort are really important, as is build quality.